interstitial brachytherapy

in·ter·sti·tial brach·y·ther·a·py

radiotherapy by implantation of radioactive needles or other sources directly into and around the tissue to be irradiated.
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Specifically, the dispute revolves around payment for a radiation treatment offered by the centre known as interstitial brachytherapy.
Butler et al., "Long-term outcome for clinically localized prostate cancer treated with permanent interstitial brachytherapy," International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, vol.
Image-guided interstitial brachytherapy using [sup]125I seeds can fully accommodate the contours of the tumor volume, as well as achieve highly accurate conformity and rapid fall-off of dose.
[sup.125]I seeds interstitial brachytherapy has been used to treat tumors for over a century and has been developed more extensively during the past 20 years.
Intracavitory brachytherapy (ICBT) is the most commonly performed procedure, while interstitial brachytherapy is conserved for selected indication, e.g.
Hence, our aim is to develop a unique external evaluation module to compute TCP and NTCP from the DVH data and other quality metrics of interstitial brachytherapy plans.
SI units of air-kerma strength are Gy [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-1]; units appropriate for the traditional interstitial brachytherapy sources are [micro]Gy [m.sup.2] [h.sup.-1], which has been given the special symbol U by the AAPM.
Rectal complications associated with transperineal interstitial brachytherapy for prostate cancer.
Data Source: A 3-year follow-up from a Spanish trial comparing health-related quality of life outcomes after primary radical RRP, external beam radiotherapy (EBRT), and interstitial brachytherapy in 435 patients with localized (T1/2) prostate cancer not given hormonal treatment.