interspinous ligament

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in·ter·spi·nous lig·a·ment

bands of fibrous tissue that connect the spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae.
Synonym(s): ligamentum interspinale [TA]
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In posterior approach, injury to Ligamentum flavum was noted in 8 patients; Interspinous ligament injury was noted in 9 cases; posterior element osseous injury was noted in 11 patients; facet joint dislocation was noted in 7 patients.
In the midline technique, the needle is inserted below the lower edge of the spinous process of the selected upper vertebrae and passes through the skin, subcutaneous tissue, supraspinous ligament, interspinous ligament, ligamentum flavum as well as the epidural space until it reaches dura arachnoids and pierces it.
The device has an oval core that is positioned between two spinous processes and is secured to the interspinous ligament by two lateral wings (Yi & McPherson, 2010).
Conversely, the mean appreciation score of the supra- and interspinous ligament simulation was higher from the Expert group at 3.
Posterior C1 sublaminar to C3 spinous process wire fixation in 2 cases of concomitant supra-spinous and interspinous ligament rupture was also found helpful in regaining the stability of the fractured segment and in healing of the torn posterior ligament.
Similarly thoraco lumbar spine showed fibrosed interspinous ligaments with limited intervertebral disc spaces.
There was no evidence of cord oedema or injury to the interspinous ligaments.
Ossification of the supraspinous and interspinous ligaments produces a characteristic single or double radio-dense sign on the AP view of the spine (Fig.
It would appear that the solution is injected into the interspinous ligaments of the low lumbar spine with the intention of inducing the production of fibrous issue and tightening up "mobile joints".