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Between two segments, such as metameres or myotomes; coursing between (as opposed to within) segments, such as bronchopulmonary, hepatic, or renal segments.
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(ĭn″tĕr-sĕg-mĕn′tăl) [″ + segmentum, a portion]
Between segments.
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The hydrogen bonding analysis from FTIR demonstrated that the limited intersegmental hydrogen bonding can occur between carbonyl groups of the hard segments in the hard domain because most of the hard segments "dissolve" in the soft domains and scarcely hard segment can form hard domains.
6); lineas intersegmentals bien definidas entre la region media dorsal y la mitad del subdorso; area media de los segmentos abdominales 1-VI 60-70 [micron]m, del segmento VII 50 [micron]m, del segmento VIII (hasta el margen anterior del orificio vasiforme) 70 [micron]m, distancia del orificio vasiforme al margen 110 [micron]m.
(e) Knockdown of tmsb-like leads to the aberrant formation of intersegmental vessels (ISV) displaying an ineffective hypersprouting phenotype (arrowheads) and a perturbation of parachordal lymphatic vessel generation by parachordal lymphangioblasts (PL) 60 hpf.
In zebrafish, the sprouting and extension of endothelial cells to form intersegmental vessels (ISV) from the dorsal aorta is considered as angiogenesis [26].
Padget, "Designation of the embryonic intersegmental arteries in reference to the vertebral artery and subclavian stem," The Anatomical Record, vol.
Implicit characteristics of the clinical subluxation are that it is an acquired, spinal, intersegmental, biomechanical phenomenon.
Third, the AA (day 33) and its branches on both sides of the human body are derived from the axial artery which is a distal (peripheral) continuation of the seventh intersegmental artery (arteria intersegmentalis septima).
As the cells of this Zebrafish contain green fluorescent proteins, the endothelial cells of the vasculature in both the intersegmental blood vessels (ISVs) at 48 hpf and subintestinal vessels plexus (SIVs) at 72 hpf can be easily observed using a fluorescent microscope (He et al.
The construction industry can expedite the process by adopting an intersegmental, collaborative approach.
At this point, the mycelia of Beauveria were attached to the exoskeleton, especially in areas of intersegmental membranes (Fig.
Confocal microscopy of the Fli-EGFP transgenic zebrafish model revealed discontinuous development and blood vessel occlusion of the dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel and intersegmental blood vessel in 7 of 10 fish in the thalidomide treatment group [Figure 3].{Figure 3}
Vincent & Clarke (1985) noted that DFB significantly reduced the content of chitin from the intersegmental membrane in adults of L.

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