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Between two segments, such as metameres or myotomes; coursing between (as opposed to within) segments, such as bronchopulmonary, hepatic, or renal segments.


(ĭn″tĕr-sĕg-mĕn′tăl) [″ + segmentum, a portion]
Between segments.
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II] can be related to a long range type destructing of the network mainly resulted from the intersegmental mixing of noncrystalline hard micro domains with soft segments.
Tragardh in Umfolozi, close to the type locality, two to eleven spermathecal ampullae are present, near intersegmental furrows 11/12-15/16.
Intersegmental recombination between the haemagglutinin and matrix genes was responsible for the emergence of a highly pathogenic H7N3 avian influenza virus in British Columbia.
ICAS Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates, Statement of competencies in mathematics expected of entering college students, (en linea), 2010.
curvas de posicion de segmentos corporales, aceleraciones lineales y angulares, momentos articulares, fuerzas de reaccion intersegmental, y potencias articulares) como en la Fig.
This assessment technique of intersegmental motion was shown to have a sensitivity of 98% and a specificity of 91% with a positive likelihood ratio of 10.
In nymphs, wing bud length was defined as the distance between the anterior point of junction of the mesonotal sclerite to the intersegmental membrane and the tip of the wing bud.
The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) conducted an investigation of the Intersegmental Committee for the Academic Senates (ICAS) Statements of Competencies for Mathematics and Academic Literacy.
Turning to Coutu's Pro Doe generic drug manufacturing subsidiary, sales, net of intersegmental eliminations, slid 11.

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