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Planned temporary suspension or hiatus in therapy to reduce pharmacotherapeutic toxicity.
See also: on period, off period, drug holiday.
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References in classic literature ?
`I want a clean cup,' interrupted the Hatter: `let's all move one place on.'
At that important point in the conversation they were interrupted by the reappearance of Blanche.
"It's awkward to be interrupted in this way, isn't it?"
"Let us resume business, sire," interrupted Mazarin who never was enthusiastic, and who wore no ruffles.
"To Athos, to a man double his age?" interrupted Treville.
The cardinal saw what the king was about to say and interrupted him:
“I did not—I could not anticipate that an old, a friendless man like him, would dare to oppose the officers of justice,” interrupted the Judge, “I supposed that he would submit to the search, when the fine could have been paid, and the law would have been appeased; but now he will have to meet its rigor.”
“Peace, my child,” interrupted the father; “ the youth is unjust; but I have not given him cause.
He was interrupted by a long and hearty, but still a noiseless fit of merriment, from the trapper, which was considered so ill-timed by the offended naturalist, as to produce an instant cessation of speech, if not a stagnation of ideas.
"There I'm dead against you, and clearly with the trapper," interrupted Paul Hover.
"Bush!" interrupted the impatient and reckless Paul.
The dog interrupted his master by a growl, but still kept his head crouched to the earth.