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Planned temporary suspension or hiatus in therapy to reduce pharmacotherapeutic toxicity.
See also: on period, off period, drug holiday.
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The next method to preserve CPU cycles informed by [14] is the interrupt moderation tuning.
Brecht would interrupt the audience to constantly remind them they were watching a play.
Whenever there is a motion, the accelerometer will send an interrupt signal from high to low falling edge.
Sometimes it is necessary for a physician to interrupt a patient's antiretroviral therapy, for example, when some serious non-AIDS diseases develop.
I interrupt at my own discretion, and I can be right or wrong," he added.
On the other hand, another father may be more concerned that prison barriers interrupt his illegal activities.
Race-free status return enables the interrupts for multiple commands to be aggregated to increase performance.
A second approach was to interrupt the executing process if possible.
What factors could interrupt relationships with purchasers of goods and services?
Most extant operating systems were designed to handle I/O devices that interrupt every few milliseconds.
1 : to stop or hinder by breaking in <Don't interrupt our conversation.