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Situated between radii or rays.
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Forwing pterostigma triangular, with distinct metacarp; radial and median veins developed but never reaching the wing margin; radial cell and median cell-1 separated by median abscissa-1; interradial veins absent; intermedian veins effacedly developed.
Spinous dorsal fin without scales; soft dorsal and anal fins with scales basally and with columns of scales on some interradial membranes; pectoral and pelvic fins scaly basally and for some distance out onto fins; most of caudal fin heavily covered with scales.
Five plates delimit a pentagon (the primary interradial plates) in the central region of the abactinal surface, with one plate in the center of the pentagon (the central plate) (Fig.
Los machos son mas pequenos, presentan una coloracion mas clara, un tenue color verde en el dorso y no exhiben el reticulado amarillento interradial de las aletas, propio de las hembras, las cuales presentan el cuerpo mas alargado.
Four perradial and four interradial rhopalia in deep pits in subumbrella 1.7 cm (33% of marginal bell radius [=5.15 cm] from the bell margin.
Outermost segmented pelvic-fin ray closely bound to adjacent ray, interradial membrane incised distally only; second segmented ray very elongate in both sexes, extending to anus.
Dorsal fin rays with small melanophores (sometimes forming very thin continuous dark streak) along anterior and posterior margins of branched and unbranched portions, dorsal fin interradial margins otherwise without melanophores.