interproximal space

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1. a delimited area.
2. an actual or potential cavity of the body.
3. the areas of the universe beyond the earth and its atmosphere. adj., adj spa´tial.
danger space a subdivision of the retropharyngeal space, extending from the base of the skull to the level of the diaphragm; so called because it provides a route by which infection of the pharynx can spread to the mediastinum.
dead space see dead space.
epidural space the space between the dura mater and the lining of the spinal canal.
intercostal space the space between two adjacent ribs.
interpleural space mediastinum.
interproximal space (interproximate space) the space between the proximal surfaces of adjoining teeth; called also proximal or proximate space.
intervillous space the space of the placenta into which the chorionic villi project and through which the maternal blood circulates.
lymph s's open spaces filled with lymph in connective or other tissue, especially in the brain and meninges.
Meckel's space a recess in the dura mater that lodges the trigeminal ganglion.
mediastinal space mediastinum.
medullary space the central cavity and the intervals between the trabeculae of bone that contain the marrow.
palmar space a large fascial space in the hand, divided by a fibrous septum into a midpalmar and a thenar space.
parasinoidal s's spaces in the dura mater along the superior sagittal sinus which receive the venous blood.
perivascular space a lymph space within the walls of an artery.
plantar space a fascial space on the sole of the foot, divided by septa into the lateral, middle, and median plantar spaces.
pneumatic space a portion of bone occupied by air-containing cells, especially the spaces constituting the paranasal sinuses.
proximal space (proximate space) interproximal space.
retroperitoneal space the space between the peritoneum and the posterior abdominal wall.
retropharyngeal space the space behind the pharynx, containing areolar tissue.
subarachnoid space the space between the arachnoid and the pia mater, containing cerebrospinal fluid.
subdural space a narrow fluid-containing space, often only a potential space, between the dura mater and the arachnoid.
subphrenic space the space between the diaphragm and underlying organs.
subumbilical space somewhat triangular space in the body cavity beneath the umbilicus.
Tenon's space a lymph space between the sclera and Tenon's capsule.

in·ter·prox·i·mal space

the space between adjacent teeth in a dental arch; it is divided into the embrasure occlusal to the contact area, and the septal space gingival to the contact area.

in·ter·prox·i·mal space

(in'tĕr-prok'si-măl spās)
The space between adjacent teeth in a dental arch; it is divided into the embrasure occlusal to the contact area, and the septal space gingival to the contact area.

in·ter·prox·i·mal space

(in'tĕr-prok'si-măl spās)
Area between adjacent teeth in dental arch; divided into embrasure occlusal to contact area, and septal space gingival to contact area.
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The curved proximal surfaces of the contacting teeth roll away from the contact area at all points, occlusally or incisally, labially or buccally and lingually and cervically, and the embrasures and interproximal spaces are continuous, as they surrounds the area of contact.
Whereas larger spaces can be properly cleaned with a proxy brush such as StaiNo Interdental Brushes (StainNo, lLc, Long Eddy, NY, USA), smaller interdental brushes, such as the sulcabrush or Go-Betweens Cleaners (Sunstar Butler, Foster Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA), are helpful in narrower interproximal spaces [27].
(6) The act of chewing causes the saliva to flow into the interproximal spaces. Salivary flow increases 2.7 times with chewing gum.
Plaque most frequently remains in fissures, interproximal spaces and at the gingival margin where antimicrobial activity is needed most.