interproximal contact

in·ter·prox·i·mal con·tact

(in'tĕr-proks'i-măl kon'takt)
Area of a tooth that contacts, usually mesially or distally, an adjacent tooth in the same arch.
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All the interproximal contact points should be open and visible on the premolar and/or the molar bitewing.
13 Foulger TE, Tredwin CJ, Gill DS, et al: The in uence of varying maxillary incisal edge embrasure space and interproximal contact area dimensions on perceived smile aesthetics.
The loss of gingival embrasures occurs due to several factors including periodontal disease, length of embrasure area, root angulations, interproximal contact position, changes in papilla during orthodontic alignment and triangular-shaped crowns.
1) This discrepancy is characterized by a lack of coincidence in the anatomical interproximal contact points of erupted teeth, by teeth being unable to erupt, or by doing so in an ectopic manner.
Interproximal contact points and proximal caries in posterior primary teeth.
Guichet, Effect of splinting and interproximal contact tightness on load transfer by implants restorations, Journal prosthetic dentistry, vol.
1999] modification of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) criteria, further modified by removing colour match and separating interproximal contact from anatomical form (Table 1).
Interproximal contact refers to the area where 2 adjacent teeth touch one another.
Lack of interproximal contact because of lack of normal depth of the enamel layer is frequently observed in the smooth and rough types of hypoplastic amelogenesis imperfecta.
The preparation was extended till the interproximal contact areas without opening the contact points.
It assesses the final occlusion in first, second, and third orders according to the following 8 different occlusal categories: alignment, marginal ridges, buccolingual inclination, occlusal contacts, occlusal relationships, overjet, interproximal contacts, and root angulation.
If interproximal bone is removed, there is a high likelihood of papillary recession and the creation of an unaesthetic triangle of space below the interproximal contacts.

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