interproximal brush

in·ter·prox·i·mal brush

(intĕr-proksi-măl brŭsh)
Thin tapered brush used to clean interproximal areas between teeth.
Synonym(s): interdental brush.
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All patients were provided with same brands home care oral prophylaxis kit containing tooth brush, interproximal brush, tooth paste and mouth wash.
Treatment Plan: Medical history, extra-/intraoral examination, caries and periodontal risk assessments, four bitewings, hard tissue examination, periodontal charting, gingival assessment, plaque free score, and home care including: using an interproximal brush instead of miscellaneous objections such as butter knife and envelopes; replace current mouth rinse with fluoridated mouth rinse.
An interproximal brush was introduced for areas with Type II or III embrasure spaces rather than the use of miscellaneous items such as envelopes or butter knives.
Proxi-Plus, an ultra-fine, ultra-gentle interproximal brush with a bonus flosser is a completely hygienic, single-use instrument that makes it easier than ever to remove food from between teeth, clean plaque and stimulate gums, promoting overall dental health.
The 3in1 floss combines traditional dental floss, a dental floss threader and an interproximal brush into one strand.
Power flossers currently available Published Manufacturer Flosser research Braun Oral B[R] * InterClean[R] Yes 800/446-7252 Interdental Plaque Remover Conair[R] * Interplak[R] No 800/633-6363 Interproximal Brush Attachment No * Interplak[R] Power Flosser Attachment Cybersonic[R] * Cybersonic[R] Flosser No 800/571-9449 (attachment to the Cybersonic[R] toothbrush) Salton, Inc.
now offers custom or standard kits including orthodontic kits with orthodontic toothbrushes, the new dual-head or straight-handled brush and a free toothbrush cover, three-minute timer, mint wax formulated to stay on the brackets, floss threaders, easy to use floss, a V-trim travel brush and separate interproximal brush with a cover.
Foam tips, interproximal brushes, and disposable wooden picks are among the many auxiliary devices that can assist in plaque removal and delivering antiseptic rinses to enhance their effectiveness [31].
According to the CDHA position paper, previous research studies have shown that floss holders, interproximal brushes, wooden sticks and power flossers are effective adjuncts to toothbrushing for interdental cleaning.
DePlaque announces Premium Interproximal Brushes developed to establish efficient oral hygiene for patients with gingival recession.
DePlaque announces its Interproximal Brushes, made with durable Dupont nylon bristles and stainless steel stem wire.
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