interproximal brush

in·ter·prox·i·mal brush

(intĕr-proksi-măl brŭsh)
Thin tapered brush used to clean interproximal areas between teeth.
Synonym(s): interdental brush.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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All patients were provided with same brands home care oral prophylaxis kit containing tooth brush, interproximal brush, tooth paste and mouth wash.
Proxi-Plus, an ultra-fine, ultra-gentle interproximal brush with a bonus flosser is a completely hygienic, single-use instrument that makes it easier than ever to remove food from between teeth, clean plaque and stimulate gums, promoting overall dental health.
The 3in1 floss combines traditional dental floss, a dental floss threader and an interproximal brush into one strand.
Foam tips, interproximal brushes, and disposable wooden picks are among the many auxiliary devices that can assist in plaque removal and delivering antiseptic rinses to enhance their effectiveness [31].
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