interproximal brush

in·ter·prox·i·mal brush

(intĕr-proksi-măl brŭsh)
Thin tapered brush used to clean interproximal areas between teeth.
Synonym(s): interdental brush.
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All patients were provided with same brands home care oral prophylaxis kit containing tooth brush, interproximal brush, tooth paste and mouth wash.
Treatment Plan: Medical history, extra-/intraoral examination, caries and periodontal risk assessments, four bitewings, hard tissue examination, periodontal charting, gingival assessment, plaque free score, and home care including: using an interproximal brush instead of miscellaneous objections such as butter knife and envelopes; replace current mouth rinse with fluoridated mouth rinse.
Hence, in case of implant, an interproximal brush with a plastic-coated wire is usually recommended [4].
Proxi-Plus, an ultra-fine, ultra-gentle interproximal brush with a bonus flosser is a completely hygienic, single-use instrument that makes it easier than ever to remove food from between teeth, clean plaque and stimulate gums, promoting overall dental health.
The 3in1 floss combines traditional dental floss, a dental floss threader and an interproximal brush into one strand.
com Remover Conair[R] * Interplak[R] No 800/633-6363 Interproximal Brush www.
Also available are Goldline plastic-coated brushes, recommended for use by patients with dental implants or sensitive teeth, and a Swiss-made Precision Handle that grips the Interproximal Brush, providing greater dexterity for cleaning teeth.
now offers custom or standard kits including orthodontic kits with orthodontic toothbrushes, the new dual-head or straight-handled brush and a free toothbrush cover, three-minute timer, mint wax formulated to stay on the brackets, floss threaders, easy to use floss, a V-trim travel brush and separate interproximal brush with a cover.
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