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In the following sections, we will first give a brief overview of the specifics of interpreting in an asylum context, and the research thus far into that field (Section 2).
Dr Olufemi Adigun of the department of Special Education, University of Ibadan, in his paper presentation on the theme of the conference; 'Professionalising Sign Language Interpreting for Sustainable Development of Deaf Education in a Developing Nation' asserted that the deafs who required the sign language needed a sign language interpreter to relay their thoughts and feelings to the hearing members of the community.
While all the three types of the courses emphasize interpreting and translation theories and skills, the optional category offers an intercultural communication course.
In its effort to assist hospitals in compliance while reducing malpractice suits due to interpreting errors, Stratus upholds the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for protecting patient data by ensuring that all essential security measures are in place.
Interpreting Play/Youth (including working with school curricula) Submit queries by February 10, 2014
Consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter waiting for the speaker to pause allowing for translation into the target language.
Students were instructed to find another class member, and to go round the table as a pair, interpreting a painting for each other in turn.
For research analysts, interpreting data sometimes resembles an artisan's touch rather than the clear methodology of numbers.
Still others allow the traditional Jewish way of questioning and interpreting to penetrate their choreographic process.
Interpreting tax provisions can be difficult, particularly those a practitioner has never encountered before.
In addition, other important teaching objectives can also be emphasized, such as how to interpret scatterplots and correlation, evaluating the tenability of assumptions, writing null and alternative hypotheses associated with hypothesis tests, and reporting and interpreting confidence intervals and p-values.

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