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Etymology: Fr, interpreter, to translate
a computer program that remains in the source and translates or executes higher-level language.


One who provides an oral translation for people who do not speak the same language, or a machine that performs the same function.

Patient care

The Joint Commission recommends that access to competent, culturally sensitive interpreters be a standard of care for everyone seeking health care.

Synonym: translator (2)
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But with the retirement and no nearest available interpreter agency, other deaf people and I will certainly struggle to find an interpreter who would be available to travel down to the region for a booking which could take place in Stranraer or Gretna.
The Kentucky Board of Interpreters for the Deaf of Hard of Hearing administers and enforces the statutory authority and monitors the needs of the consuming public.
Locating a qualified (i) interpreter with the required language combination is not always straightforward or, indeed, possible to arrange.
If we merely show the sign for music, we are doing an injustice as an interpreter,' said Gallego, who has interpreted for over 400 artists.
This resulted in fewer codes, but the remaining codes seem to better capture the information; for example, self-taught techniques for developing trust, self-perception of interpreter as a bridge.
Many lawyers are not complying with Supreme Court-approved rules requiring them to use registered court interpreters for virtually all court and court-related proceedings.
When an interpreter leaves our district, there is a huge impact on the education of our students in the deaf and hard-of-hearing program," Ankeny said.
In such situations, interpreters may resort to other coping strategies, such as making predictions based on the context or developing an automatic set of phrases for production.
Securing qualified interpreter services is the responsibility of mental health professionals or their agency.
MARK Cowan's article about new arrangements for police and court interpreters is a good example of non-investigative journalism (Mail, September 23).
As the minority population grows so does the number of registered nurses who are bilingual in the workforce," states Tracy Young, RN, interpreter trainer, and co-founder of the Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association (NITA).

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