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Etymology: Fr, interpreter, to translate
a computer program that remains in the source and translates or executes higher-level language.


One who provides an oral translation for people who do not speak the same language, or a machine that performs the same function.

Patient care

The Joint Commission recommends that access to competent, culturally sensitive interpreters be a standard of care for everyone seeking health care.

Synonym: translator (2)
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Natapos Tayo' (from the movie All Of You) - composed by Nar Cabico, arranged by Mic Llave, interpreted by Nar Cabico
Because the system creates an audio file or an interpreted text file and preserves one or both as part of the system operation, it does not follow that either or both should be retained for substantial periods of time.
Regional Mexican Song of the Year Award" honors went to Juro Por Dios, composed by Javier Zazueta Larranaga and interpreted by Banda Tierra Blanca.
Her recent research is centered on mortuary symbolism and how it can be interpreted to shed light on the beliefs of ancient peoples.
These examples illustrate two ways to continue scaffolding after the initial use of students' language to validate their thinking and reflect back to the students how their conceptualizations have been interpreted.
The Supreme Court's use of private letter rulings can be interpreted to require similar use of GCMs by other courts.
Courts that have interpreted interest guaranties and refused to find the guarantors liable for post-maturity interest have sometimes fallen back on a number of policy arguments to uphold their position.
all participants in interpreted interactions to be aware of how interpreted interaction functions, to understand the scope of their responsibilities and the asymmetrical (power) relations between them, including the need for interpreters to be conscious of their own limits;
The Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Circuits have interpreted it to allow an enhancement when the attorneys have specialized expertise in a particular area of law; see Raines, 44 F3d 1355 1361 (7th Cir.
Certainly, then, comments less on point are interpreted by you as underscoring a jealous reaction where none may exist.

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