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interpolate (intur´pōlāt),

v to insert intermediate terms in a series according to the trend of the series; to calculate intermediate values according to observed values.
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The best interpolation method was kriging and justifies the selection of the most robust interpolator in MZs generation.
As prove a smaller modification to the interpolator, also reducing storage and significantly reducing delay, has been proposed [1].
It is no accident that right in this framework different interpolators have been proposed and compared in terms of accuracy [17-19].
Viedma is the last interpolator to share his tale, an intriguing polarity of action and passivity.
The interpolator used in the grid generation of data that best represented the behavior of the surface and showed the lowest residual values (mean -0.
It is far more likely that Xuanzang or the interpolator mixed up the hearssay concerning two countries, roughly located in the same direction (from the perspective of North India), and reachable only on difficult routes.
IDW is a simple deterministic interpolator which estimates values at un-sampled locations as weighted averages of observed values within the designated neighborhood, with weights decreasing as distance increases.
Eden, Cardinal spline filters: Stability and convergence to the ideal sinc interpolator, Signal Process.
Kriging was later recognized as a good spatial interpolator in many other fields within Geosciences, particularly in Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, Remote Sensing, Seismology and Environmental Sciences (Cressie, 1990).
Keywords: Interpolator, Kriging, IDW, semivariogram, spatial analysis
In this case, one should consider that the spatial analysis of our observations is the result of an interpolation that does not take the geography into account but instead is the result of the distance and density of data introduced in the interpolator program (SURFER).