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interpolate (intur´pōlāt),

v to insert intermediate terms in a series according to the trend of the series; to calculate intermediate values according to observed values.
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In this case, one should consider that the spatial analysis of our observations is the result of an interpolation that does not take the geography into account but instead is the result of the distance and density of data introduced in the interpolator program (SURFER).
in Turkey) intend this introductory textbook on engineering thermodynamics to be used in conjunction with "ThermoNet," a web site that provides interactive graphics showing systems and processes, quizzes and problems, and property tables with an interpolator.
As usual back then, the only foreign interpolator is a VW Beetle.
This method was chosen because IDW is an exact interpolator, where the maximum and minimum values in the interpolated surface can occur only at sample points and values at all sampling points are true measured values (ArcGIS, Geostatistical Analyst Help, 2003, ESRI, Redlands, CA).
The devices incorporate a high accuracy magnetoresistive chip sensor and on-board interpolator with a large (up to 2 mm) wheel/sensor gap.
Major functions available in the basic version include axis transformations, spline interpolation and NURBS, cam plate and table interpolator, spindle position synchronization, thread cutting without a compensating chuck, and more.
The radical thesis of Joseph Rius-Camps that the hierarchical bias of passages such as these in the Ignatian corpus indicates the presence of a later interpolator, has not found much acceptance (The Four Authentic Letters of Ignatius, the Martyr [Rome: Pontifical Oriental Institute, 1980].
The increase in clock frequency is achieved by employing an interpolator to ensure meticulous timing.
119) Bayes was hailed as a good mimic and interpolator "with lapses into what may be the Gaelic," wrote a Follies reviewer in 1908.