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interpolate (intur´pōlāt),

v to insert intermediate terms in a series according to the trend of the series; to calculate intermediate values according to observed values.
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The training data set of 123 stations used to calibrate models for interpolative mapping is the same as described in Jaagus et al.
The interpolative approach is recommended for the cases where (a) the span between two points with available data is not wide (say, two-three years), and (b) no information on the distribution of vital and migratory events by citizenship is available.
1) Gamma, delta, Golomb (b=3), interpolative, and fixed binary codes need 60, 62, 64, 55, and 57 bits, respectively; Note: to test interpolative code, we need know the size of the document collection, which is not given in [1].
Motion variances are determined through interpolative comparisons and corrected automatically through the de-interlacing process on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
Throughout the text, Twain employs various sorts of Interpolative techniques that interrupt the narrative to differing degrees and effects; his use of interruption is worth examination not only because it is so extensive but also because it shapes the style that is so characteristically his own.
The video pipeline performs functions such as interpolative horizontal/vertical filtering, color space conversion, and video window scaling, as well as chroma/color keying for the picture-in- picture function (PiP).
Zoran's interpolative scaling algorithm, ZoranZoom(TM), allows the user to zoom in while preserving the sharpness of the image.
With 180 degree viewing angle, 550:1 black/white contrast ratio and interpolative video line doubling.
The tool automates the conversion process using a unique C-based interpolative analysis technology that works directly on the source code.
resolution and 2400 by 2400 interpolative resolution -- ensuring