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the determination of intermediate values in a series on the basis of observed values.
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Surgical excision of tissue from one site for transfer to another site.
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Since [[PHI].sub.i]([[xi].sub.j]) exhibits the interpolating property, (22) can be rewritten as follows:
We construct 4-point n-ary interpolating subdivision schemes by using three-step algorithm instead of using Lagrange polynomial and wavelets theory, and so forth.
Signal Simulation in Folding and Interpolating Integrated ADC // Electronics and Electrical Engineering.--Kaunas: Technologija, 2007.--No.
where [L.sub.n](x) is the Lagrange interpolating polynomial, [[omega].sub.n] (x) = (x-[x.sub.0]) ...
It will turn out that every window method that gives an interpolating sampling operator [S.sup.K.sub.w] is a multiplier method.
As DAC conversion rates increased beyond 300 MHz, interpolating or digital-upconverter DACs became attractive because they accept data at the baseband rate and perform digital upconversion (DUC) on the chip before generating the analog output.
The minimal dimension of the space that interpolates [[delta].sub.u], [[delta].sub.v], is three, one more than the number of interpolating conditions.
This was done by fitting a first-order disappearance equation to the measured blood tracer Pb concentrations on days 0, 1, 3, and 5 for each animal and then interpolating the daily values for treatment days 2 and 4.
At present we are only concerned with the eigenanalysis of a particular physical entity, the thin elastic beam, and its mathematical analog, the interpolating elastic curve, but the method described bears upon vibration analyses of all kinds.
The market value formula used in this case was essentially a hybrid method that calculated the value of unbottled whiskey by interpolating a value between the whiskey's production cost (using the cost of reproduction method) and the whiskey's net realizable value (using the comparative sales method).
30, 1992, Gleason and his colleagues checked its earlier measurements by interpolating the calibration for that period, using the late September and early February calibrations as reference points.

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