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In experimental embryology, the transferring of a primordial cell mass from an embryo to an indifferent environment in another embryo, as in chorioallantoic grafts or intraocular transplants.
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The first phase of the garden is called the "Three Sisters" Garden, in reference to the Native American tradition of interplanting corn, beans and squash in the same mound.
The most common way to combine garden crops is via an age-old technique called interplanting, which in essence means planting various garden edibles with different growth and spacing attributes together in the same soil beds or rows.
You can also make the most of your available space by interplanting some vegetables or herbs amongst your perennials and annuals.
To make the most use of space, vertical gardening (using trellises, cages, or poles for vining or sprawling plants) and interplanting (growing two or more types of vegetables in the same area at the same time) are commonly used techniques.
Try interplanting with broccoli, radishes, beans, catnip, goldenrod, nasturtiums, calendula or tansy.
The health of the soil will be maintained by interplanting. mulching and recycling all garden and household wastes.
In an effort to bring the spacing of the old vines into a more modern configuration, Beck has also started interplanting the rows of old vines with a row of new plants at 5-foot spacing.
In the summer, reduce aphid attacks by spraying diluted washing-up detergent and interplanting with marigolds.
The impact of interplanting crops with cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) on the density of predator hemipterans was evaluated.
However, interplanting with wild forget-me-nots creates an airy cloud of powder-puff blue that looks well in between these classy white blooms.
Interplanting caused us only one problem: It was difficult to have to harvest from living bouquets.