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Pertaining to relations and social exchanges between people.
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1. Of or relating to the interactions between individuals: interpersonal skills.
2. Existing or occurring between individuals: interpersonal communication or conflict.

in′ter·per′son·al·ly adv.
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Concerning the relations and interactions between persons.
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In addition, DOT Worker Functions codes were used to identify jobs that were mentally, interpersonally, and physically demanding.
* Nurses are empowered to advocate on numerous levels, including personally, interpersonally, within the work environment and the community, and at the local, state, and national levels in policy development and advocacy.
They are often unfriendly and rude, interpersonally exploitive, lack empathy, unleash haughty behaviours and put others down by unfair treatment.
Most importantly at what point does the interpersonally demanding engagement with the nurse-patient relationship take a tangible toll on the nurse's health and secondarily diminish job-related performance capacity?
Consider yourself interpersonally intelligent, my friend.
Thus, highly interpersonally oriented people are likely to be interested in, and responsive to, relationships with others and to benefit from social interaction (Smith & Ruiz, 2007).
Cognitively, volunteers demonstrate increased capacities in understanding a wide range of issues (e.g., international relations, development aid, structural inequality) as well as an increased ability to critically interpret these issues; intrapersonally, volunteers came to understand themselves independent of the perspectives of others; and interpersonally, volunteers expressed a greater capacity to develop relationships with people different than themselves (i.e., from a range of national and socioeconomic backgrounds).
It is not surprising to learn, then, that counseling that stresses more didactic interactional styles and is not interpersonally mediated can have limited impact on distressed individuals.
After several years of disability, she returned to work, although she still struggles interpersonally.
Adams discusses the "Black Studies Effect" as an integral facet of the field's departments and programs that assist students academically, interpersonally, and socially as they transition to college.
Although general semantics is not a panacea for anything, it is a tremendous tool in the development of better-adjusted mental attitudes to diminish the stresses that conflicts evoke personally and interpersonally. General semantics teaches skills for (without being shy of the designation) great thinking--skills for effectively developing and communicating ideas, skills for constructively criticizing beliefs and tired dogma, and skills for just getting along.

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