interpersonal conflict

in·ter·per·son·al con·flict

relating to a conflict in the relations and social exchanges between persons.
Compare: intrapersonal conflict.
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On June 29, an interpersonal conflict took place among workers at the 3GP construction site causing several injuries of contractor employees.
Perfectly capturing the struggles of navigating early interpersonal conflict, this book is designed to not only resonate with young readers, but also to subtly share wisdom regarding emotional intelligence.
At times, a head may have to assert their authority to put quarrels to rest, if they believe there is no just cause for the interpersonal conflict.
Course participants have reported a decrease in depression, anxiety and interpersonal conflict; clarity in thinking; increased alertness and resilience to daily life stresses and improved immunity and physical well-being.
Receiving hugs may buffer against deleterious changes in mood associated with interpersonal conflict, as per a new study by Michael Murphy of Carnegie Mellon University along with co-authors Denise Janicki-Deverts and Sheldon Cohen.
Conflict: Individuals face interpersonal conflict cases, when social roles, different opinions, needs, cultural factors, beliefs, wishes, and comunication skills show differences and they have disagreements (Thomas, 1976).
DRIVING FORCE: The worldwide death toll from guns actually is driven by personal despair, interpersonal conflict and carelessness, according to the study.
These studies proposed a five-category scheme for classifying interpersonal conflict management styles on two dimensions: concern for self and concern for other.
* Interpersonal conflict, which included behaviors that involved hostility, verbal aggression, and angry exchanges.
The research seems to say we're risking an early death because we're afraid to suffer the discomfort of interpersonal conflict.
Beyond Game Theory: Utilizing Negotiation Research in the Study of Interpersonal Conflict. Diana Hadad, Wayne State University

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