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between two bones.
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Lying between or connecting bones; denoting certain muscles and ligaments.
Synonym(s): interosseal
[inter- + L. os, bone]
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Conclusion: Reverse flow posterior interosseous artery flap in experienced hands is safe, versatile and reliable for the coverage of hand/wrist defects.
In five cases who reported in 2-4 weeks time, open reduction through incision along subcutaneous border of ulna callus trimming, correction of ulnar mal-alignment and fixation with 06 hole semtitubular plate was done and we were able to do indirect reduction of radial head through interosseous membrane attachment to distal fragment as shown in Fig.1.
Pronator teres branch transfer to the anterior interosseous nerve for treating C8T1 brachial plexus avulsion: an anatomic study and case report.
* A Grade II injury is associated with a partial syndesmotic disruption, typically with partial tearing of the AITFL and interosseous ligament.
The dorsal oblique accessory cord originates in the proximal ulna at the junction of the proximal one-third and distal two-thirds and inserts on the interosseous crest of the radius.
In studies that compared free flaps elevated at the level of the forearm (venous flap, SUPBRA, posterior interosseous perforator flap, and ulnar artery perforator flap), authors have demonstrated SUPBRA flap to be superior to others with respect to recovery of sensory functions.
TMS-induced motor-evoked potentials (MEPs) were recorded from the right second dorsal interosseous (SDI) muscle to measure the rMT, thus assessing corticospinal excitability before intervention.
The lesion replaces the palmar and dorsal interosseous musculature, as well as the adductor pollicis muscle (dashed arrows).
Volar ganglion cysts may cause pain or paraesthesia from compression of the ulnar or median nerves or their branches, while dorsal ganglion cysts may compress the terminal branches of the posterior interosseous nerve.
On physical examination, there was atrophy in the hypothenar and dorsal interosseous muscles of both hands.
Bilateral calf (especially gastrocnemius), thenar, hypothenar, and first dorsal interosseous muscles showed atrophy.
In addition, there is a technique with recording from the second lumbrical and interosseous muscles with stimulation of median and ulnar nerves, respectively.

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