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Between two nodes; relating to an internode.
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Callus induction from both nodal segment explants (1st and 2nd nodal segment-Figure 2a) and internodal explants (1st and 2nd internode) started after 2 weeks.
Lo que denominamos Ruta de Chug-Chug comprende una via internodal de unos 110 km de longitud, que es la distancia que se debia recorrer para conectar a pie las localidades de Quillagua y Calama.
Callus pigmentation of Alternanthera sessilis in leaf (A) and internodal (B) explants growth in different callus inductor media and after transferring to a betacyanin inductor medium, after 40 days of cultivation.
For example, let the internodal distance and the maximum error be h = 1 and E [less than or equal to] [10.sup.-4].
All mice showed lymphatic drainage from the base of the tail to the ILNs and finally to the ALNs via the internodal collecting lymphatic vessels.
Se tomaron los segmentos internodales de tallos de plantas de 4 semanas de edad propagadas in vitro en magentas, los cuales fueron cortados con una cuchilla esteril que fue puesta en contacto con A.
Furthermore as noted earlier, cooperation between different parts of a network and different internodal relationships are major influences in functional networks and effective management of production.
Hairs usually break at internodal area where cortex is defective and medulla is absent.
nigripectus are laid mostly at 2 locations on the plants, in the internodal space between the epidermis and the cortical tissues, and in the nodes in the axils of the leaves partially embedded in the tissues.
1), this region was characterized by extremely short branch lengths, small internodal differences, and weak bootstrap support.
Las ramas generalmente tienen ligeros engrosamientos en los nudos y la distancia internodal va de 3-12 mm en la mayor parte de las especies, y hasta 45 mm de largo en ejemplares de A.
In addition, because of their rapid rate of coalescence, mitochondrial genes may have a substantially higher probability (compared to nuclear genes) of accurately tracking species-trees when short internodal branches are involved (Moore, 1995; Hafner et al., 2007).