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Between two nodes; relating to an internode.
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Lo que denominamos Ruta de Chug-Chug comprende una via internodal de unos 110 km de longitud, que es la distancia que se debia recorrer para conectar a pie las localidades de Quillagua y Calama.
Callus pigmentation of Alternanthera sessilis in leaf (A) and internodal (B) explants growth in different callus inductor media and after transferring to a betacyanin inductor medium, after 40 days of cultivation.
In AMAN patients as well as in the AMAN rabbits, nodal and internodal axolemma of motor fibers are intensely immunostained for activated complement fragments and membrane attack complex.
Air Forces Africa will lead the effort for air safety and contract air for common users, while the AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Operations Center will prioritize the effort and make the major internodal decisions.
When internodal segments were used as explant, the development of adventitious shoots was detected in 62% of the explants culture in culture media supplemented with 2.
Area of Practical Application: The second order radio model (Type I) is designed for applications where the internodal distance between one sensor node and another is estimably of medium length and the WSN is averagely of medium size [8], [15].
For callus initiation, young leaves (YL) and internodal segments (IN) of young vegetative stem with a size of 1.
testudinum en la costa del Caribe Mexicano, se observaron diferencias en la longitud internodal que se atribuyo al incremento en la depositacion de sedimentos.
Inflorescencia internodal, opuesta a la hoja mayor y proximal al nodo, pendula, en monocasios, formando claros zigzag, 2-5 cm de largo, sesil o cortopedunculada, 20 a 30 flores por inflorescencia, densamente pilosa, tricomas patentes; botones florales elipsoides, 1-2 x 0,5-1,5 mm de largo, densamente pilosos.
Bu potansiyel muhtemelen stimulator anodunun altinda sinirin incelip, internodal mesafelerin kisaldigi, daha yuksek uyarim direnci olan en distal sinir liflerinden kaynaklanmaktadir.