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Between the nares.
Synonym(s): internasal


(ĭn″tĕr-nā′zăl) [″ + nasus, nose]
Between the nasal bones.
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2.3-2.5 and 2.1-2.4 times internasal width, prenasal length 9.7-10.1% DW vs.
The grooves were interpreted as marking the edges of the cartilaginous internasal septum (Romer and Price 1940, p.
Presentaba una escama en forma de pua antes del centro del ojo y dos escamas supranasales, el par anterior separado por una internasal. Escamas parietales lisas.
Cabeza ligeramente distinguible del cuerpo, hocico redondeado; ojos con pupila circular; rostral visible desde encima, mas ancha que alta; internasales triangulares; prefrontales cuadradas, mas anchas que largas, dos veces el tamano de una internasal; frontal mas ancha que larga, triangular, tan ancha como una prefrontal; supraoculares pequenas; parietales grandes, mas largas que anchas; nasales grandes, enteras; loreal pequena, rectangular o cuadrada; ausencia de preoculares; una postocular (13 N); dos postoculares (3 N); temporales 1+2(16 N); supralabiales 6-6 (16 N), tercera y cuarta en contacto con el ojo; infralabiales 7-7 (13 N), 6-6 (3 N); un par de grandes mentonianas, en contacto con las tres primeras infralabiales.
Dorsal view of the skull of female blackbuck showing parietal bone (a), frontal bone (b), zig-zag interfrontal suture (c), supraorbital foramen (d), orbit (e), fronto-nasal suture (f), facial tuberosity (g), maxilla bone (h), Internasal suture (i), nasal bone (j), nasal process (k), palatine process of incisive bone (l), palatine fissure (m), incisive bone (n), inter-incisive fissure (o).
Supraoculars, mental, upper and lower labials, rostral, internasal, prenasal, postnasal, loreal, prefrontal, frontal, parietal, preocular, subocular, postocular, foveal, cantals, and intercantals were examined under dorsal and lateral views of the organism; and mental, genial shields, and gular region under a ventral view.
Definition: A very large (maximum recorded SVL 800 mm) species of Helicops characterized by having: a maximum of 19 DSR at midbody; the single internasal usually (ca 75%) in contact with the rostral; a large number of V (males 130-141, females 125-135); a moderately large number of SC (males 61-70, females 76-86); the dorsum with four or five rows of alternating dark spots; the light ventral color extending onto dorsum as high as DSR 2; the venter light with two rows of broad black semilunar markings, the same pattern extending onto the SC.
Prenasal, internasal, and dermal sphenethmoid absent.
I), en el que algunas suturas, por ejemplo la parietonasal y la internasal, son aun claramente visibles.
-- Results from a canonical analysis of the following continuous variables (code numbers in parentheses) are presented in Table 2 and Figures 6 and 7: length of head (1), snout (2), rostral (4), frontal (6), internasal suture (9), prefrontal suture (10), snout-vent (11); height of rostral (5); diameter of eye (3); width of frontal (7), supraocular (8).

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