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a mental mechanism whereby certain external attributes, attitudes, or standards are unconsciously taken as one's own.
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Adopting as one's own the standards and values of another person or society.
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Adopting as one's own the standards and values of another person or society.
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Patient discussion about internalization

Q. I have a constant pain in the inside part of my arm. What can it be? In the last few weeks I have noticed that I have a right arm pain. The strange thing is that the pain is in a specific point in the inside part of the arm, very near to the elbow. I thnk the pain started for the first time during a baseball game but I am not sure. I work in a factory and as I sad before I use my right arm for baseball, and this pain hinders me. What can it be?

A. I myself play a lot as a pitcher, and i have the same pain. It is more painful when the forearm is flexed towards the body.
I went to my GP about it because it drove me nuts, and he said that I need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, and if it will not work he will inject me something.
he prescribed me a great medication and I didn't need the injection.

Q. l have a pain in the head,l can feel sometime inside.

A. sounds like you have a brain,lol, go see a doctor

Q. Blood in stools before and after polyp removel, Avms of the deodenel loop, inside hems, and 3cin tubuo adenoma Hi, On Nov of 06 I had a colonoscopy done and they didnt find any thing that could be mking me bleed and go to the rest room often. Then in Nov of 07 did a EDg and found I have AVMs of the deodenel loop.She Burned them and I didnt have any more bleeding till June of thei yr.On 6/6/08 i had another EDg done she burned more AVMs and on Mon I started bleeding again. This time she did a colonoscopy and found I had inside hems and a 3cin tubuolvillous adenoma inflamed.She cut, burned, and took it out in peices.She saye she will go back in Nov of this yr and look again. Two weeks after I had this done I had started to bleed again and had bad such bad pain in my hip I had to hold on to walk. that same day i started to bleed again. I bled out big clots and a bowl full of blood! A few days later the pain went away but was still bleeding ever time I had bowl movement!I can bleed up to 4 days at a times sometimes. I have been taking HC supp. and it seems to have stoped the bleeding and pain!

A. It is normal that after a polyp removal you will continue bleeding some more. However, if you feel like there is a lot of bleeding, and/or you are not feeling well, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to stop the bleeding or look for the source of bleeding.

More discussions about internalization
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The company currently expects to achieve significant identified synergies of approximately USD 50m on a normalized annual basis resulting from operating property-level and Gand A cost savings and the internalization of SWAY's manager.

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