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1. To make internal, personal, or subjective.
2. To take in and adopt as an integral part of one's attitudes or beliefs.

in·ter′nal·i·za′tion (-nə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Q. I have a constant pain in the inside part of my arm. What can it be? In the last few weeks I have noticed that I have a right arm pain. The strange thing is that the pain is in a specific point in the inside part of the arm, very near to the elbow. I thnk the pain started for the first time during a baseball game but I am not sure. I work in a factory and as I sad before I use my right arm for baseball, and this pain hinders me. What can it be?

A. I myself play a lot as a pitcher, and i have the same pain. It is more painful when the forearm is flexed towards the body.
I went to my GP about it because it drove me nuts, and he said that I need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, and if it will not work he will inject me something.
he prescribed me a great medication and I didn't need the injection.

Q. l have a pain in the head,l can feel sometime inside.

A. sounds like you have a brain,lol, go see a doctor

Q. Blood in stools before and after polyp removel, Avms of the deodenel loop, inside hems, and 3cin tubuo adenoma Hi, On Nov of 06 I had a colonoscopy done and they didnt find any thing that could be mking me bleed and go to the rest room often. Then in Nov of 07 did a EDg and found I have AVMs of the deodenel loop.She Burned them and I didnt have any more bleeding till June of thei yr.On 6/6/08 i had another EDg done she burned more AVMs and on Mon I started bleeding again. This time she did a colonoscopy and found I had inside hems and a 3cin tubuolvillous adenoma inflamed.She cut, burned, and took it out in peices.She saye she will go back in Nov of this yr and look again. Two weeks after I had this done I had started to bleed again and had bad such bad pain in my hip I had to hold on to walk. that same day i started to bleed again. I bled out big clots and a bowl full of blood! A few days later the pain went away but was still bleeding ever time I had bowl movement!I can bleed up to 4 days at a times sometimes. I have been taking HC supp. and it seems to have stoped the bleeding and pain!

A. It is normal that after a polyp removal you will continue bleeding some more. However, if you feel like there is a lot of bleeding, and/or you are not feeling well, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to stop the bleeding or look for the source of bleeding.

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In the foreign market the internalisation decision for marketing is the same as that for production; this reduces the number of ownership options to three.
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Colony American Homes will merge with and into a subsidiary of the company, while the internalisation of its management will be through the acquisition of SWAY Management LLC in exchange for the issue of 6.4m common units of Starwood Waypoint Residential Partnership LP to Starwood Capital Group Global LP, which under certain circumstances are redeemable for the company's common shares, on a one-for-one basis.
This backward step has led the Community of European Railways (CER) to argue that the compromise will in practice delay a genuine internalisation of the external pollution costs engendered by road transport for several years.
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Finally, the internalisation of external costs is advocated in the whole amended draft Directive to provide for a level playing field for electricity from renewables in relation to more conventional energy sources.
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Speakers stressed the importance of clarifying definitions outlined in the European Commission's 1995 Green Paper on the internalisation of external costs and the July 1998 White Paper on infrastructure pricing.

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