internal validity

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the extent to which a measuring device measures what it intends or purports to measure.
construct validity the degree to which an instrument measures the characteristic being investigated; the extent to which the conceptual definitions match the operational definitions.
content validity verification that the method of measurement actually measures what it is expected to measure; see also face validity.
external validity the extent to which study findings can be generalized beyond the sample used in the study.
face validity a type of content validity, determining the suitability of a given instrument as a source of data on the subject under investigation, using common-sense criteria.
internal validity the extent to which the effects detected in a study are truly caused by the treatment or exposure in the study sample, rather than being due to other biasing effects of extraneous variables.
predictive validity the effectiveness of one set of test or research results as a predictor of the outcome of future experiments or tests.
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internal validity

The extent to which differences between the intervention and control groups in a clinical study can be confidently attributed to the intervention and not to an alternative explanation, which requires reducing confounding factors and bias to a minimum. Explanatory clinical studies seek to maximise internal validity by rigorous control of all variables—e.g., age, sex, co-morbidities—other than the intervention itself.
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However, if carefully considered and appropriately applied, the benefits to internal validity when trying to measure causal impact should outweigh the disadvantages.
The study's internal validity was strengthened by using words from participant transcripts when describing research results.
Additional control over threats to internal validity can be introduced to the multiple-baseline design via two randomization schemes (Kratochwill & Levin, 2010).
It is worth re-emphasizing the fact that in all internal validity tables, Table 25 through Table 28, both Pearsons's and Spearman's correlations are calculated, and the values look to be relatively similar and significant.
We can recommend the proposed distance measures to be suitable for calculation of internal validity measures.
Despite possessing potentially good internal validity, we believe RATE faces insurmountable issues of face validity.
Thus, they have the highest internal validity. Participants in driving simulation experiments may depict themselves as better drivers and alter their driving behavior, thus compromising the construct validity of the study.
Only variables with statistically significant differences were considered as predictor candidates--reliability reporting, threats to internal validity, threats to external validity, fading, and scaffolding intervention.
This distinction has deep roots in empirical scholarship, but in the CRM context, Marcus Maurer and Carsten Reinemann (2009) explain, "Internal validity concerns the question whether RTR really measures what it is supposed to measure....
The study by Packham and MacDermid (2013) had an appropriate sample size and met all but one of the COSMIN criteria for internal validity: it did not adequately describe how missing data were dealt with, along with the method of estimation used.
Internal validity. The independent variable is under the control of the experimenter.

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