internal surface

in·ter·nal sur·face

the internal concave surface of either the frontal or the parietal bone.
Synonym(s): facies interna [TA]
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Key statement: A tire having an internal surface includes an electronic device and an anchoring body mounted on the internal surface for engagement between the electronic device and the internal surface of the tire, wherein the anchoring body includes a cross-linked elastomeric material obtained by crosslinking a crosslinkable elastomeric composition including a synthetic diene rubber, preferably in an amount of from 20 to 80 phr, and a halogenated butyl rubber, preferably in an amount of from 80 to 20 phr.
The internal surface material is specified based on the substance to be stored in order to ensure wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring maximum service life.
The resultant very large internal surface and high porosity enables comparatively large amounts of gas to be stored in natural gas tanks.
The materials' promise lies in their vast internal surface area.
These properties, in areas such as Wallasey, New Brighton, Leasowe and Heswall, had all suffered internal surface water flooding during an extreme storm a year ago and met the criteria to qualify for funding from the Environment Agency to pay for measures to prevent, or at least minimise the damage caused by, any future flooding.
Although they simply look like little rocks, the sponge-like structures have so much internal surface area that one-gram of the material, if unfolded, would cover a football field, Dinca noted.
PTWA can be applied to many industries since it can deposit a coating on an internal surface as small as two inches or as large as 14 inches in diameter, or on any external surface.
In addition, plastic or stainless options are available for both manual and actuated valves, standard internal surface finishes are available--corresponding to BPE-SFV3 (30 Ra max), SFV4 (15 Ra max electropolish) and SFV6 (25 Ra max electropolish)--and the common body size for all the mini valve sizes allows interchangeability of bonnet, actuator and diaphragms.
The researchers' new creation, which is featured in the current issue of the journal Nature, comprises a lattice structure of alternating zinc oxide molecules and 1,3,5-benetribenzoate, and has a "record" internal surface area equivalent to 17 tennis courts per gram of material.
When the ostium of a pharyngocele is located in this area, it is usually situated on the internal surface of the pharynx, in the region inferior to the lower pole of the tonsil and at the lateral side of the vallecula.
The mask consists of a layer of Zorflex, an activated charcoal cloth with a vapor and solvent-adsorbent microporous internal surface.
The sleeve may be extruded and the sealing solution may be applied to the internal surface of the sleeve as it is extruded.

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