internal representation

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internal representation

term used by neurolinguistic programming to denote the way people use mental imagery (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) to encode experience, the composite of which comprises their internal and external reality.

in·ter·nal rep·re·sen·ta·tion

(in-tĕr'năl rep'rĕ-zen-tā'shŭn)
Term used by neurolinguistic programmers to denote the way people use mental imagery (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) to encode experience, the composite of which comprises their internal and external reality.
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Within this framework, the contribution made by the authors to the model developed in the first instance by Oliver (1991) is basically the addition of the role of internal representation or intra-organizational dynamics, although it does not significantly modify the logics of the pre-existing model, and gives a better comprehension of the different elements that can affect organizations' strategic responses to conflicting institutional demands.
External representations are ways that teachers, based on their pedagogical content knowledge, introduce in their teaching acts to help students to acquire the necessary level of internal representation, or some refer to as abstraction [20].
With regard to internal representational systems, Goldin (1998) has described two kinds of internal representations relevant to mathematics: 1) verbal/ syntactic representational systems, which describe individuals' natural language capabilities--mathematical and non-mathematical vocabulary, as well as the use of grammar and syntax; and 2) imagistic representational systems, which include visual and spatial configurations, or 'mental images' (Goldin & Shteingold, 2001, p.
One may hypothesize that for these students the process of adaptation to the numerical abstraction has achieved some endurance, and that numbers have become their internal representation of the material objects.
The 'concretizing' can be associated with the construction of an internal representation and may possibly involve the process of reducing the level of abstraction.
For an example, consider the internal representation of extremely small floating-point numbers on various platforms.
Figures 8e-f show the corresponding internal representation (e) from photographs (f), enabling a robot navigating a simple visual environment to learn from initial reinforced trials (g) to improve its traversals from different starting locations (h).
Also the external representations have some possibilities to be reconstructed with the change of learners' internal representation.
Each of us has "an internal representation of our body and its movements and we use this representation to coordinate our actions.
When an intimate companion can no longer be seen, heard, smelled, or touched, much of the interpersonal sensory environment that corresponds to the internal representation of the external world is gone.
They have an internal representation of the mother which can be held on to even when she is not there.
High-level perception is solved through generation, tracking and confirmation of hypothesis about the environment, which are maintained in an stable internal representation tuned with the agent movements.

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