internal naris

in·ter·nal na·ris

obsolete term for choana.
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The Brachaucheninae node is supported by 10 synapomorphies, seven of which are present in MP111209-1: the parasphenoid is covered by the pterygoids, anterior to the posterior interpterygoid vacuities [86.0]; the palatine does not participate in the rim of the internal naris as seen in ventral view [93.1]; the pterygoid tapers anteriorly [95.0]; the mandibular symphysis tapers anteriorly in ventral view [113.0]; the long axis of the retroarticular process is inflected slightly posteromedially [123.1]; there is only one rib facet in the anterior-middle cervical vertebrae [160.3]; the cervical rib facets are located laterally [162.1].
vitae and the other derived brachauchenines are distinguished from this basal polytomy by the absence of a postorbital-squamosal contact [42.1], the squamosal anterior extension significantly posterior to the postorbital bar [57.1], the parasphenoid terminating just anterior to the basisphenoid-basioccipital contact [84.1], the absence of foramina between the maxilla and the vomer, anterior to the internal naris [90.0]; four premaxillary teeth [131.0]; teeth with a rounded or sub-rounded cross-section [139.0]; and the presence of 15 or fewer cervical vertebrae [152.0].
aa auditory artery, aov anterior orbital vein, ba basilar artery, cava communicating artery with vertebral artery, hy hypophysis, in internal naris (choana), nv nasal vein, onv orbitonasal vein, ov ophthalmic vein, va vertebral artery.
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