internal malleolus

me·di·al mal·le·o·lus

the process at the medial side of the lower end of the tibia, forming the projection of the medial side of the ankle; the medial malleolus lies superior to the level of the lateral malleolus.
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Comparison of the post-surgical analgesic effectiveness of tibial (at internal malleolus level) and common peroneal nerve block with infiltration of the surgical wound in Outpatient Surgery of the hallux valgus.
Ankle girth: in the same position as for the calf girth measurement, proximal to the internal malleolus, the minimum circumference was measured and recorded (29).
(a) On the left lower limb, there is a large ulceration (10 cm of diameter) that extends to the left internal malleolus. The ulceration depth was dirty, suppurative, yellow, and necrotic.

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