internal energy

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in·ter·nal en·er·gy (U),

energy of a system measured by the heat absorbed from the system's surroundings and the amount of work done on the system by its surroundings.
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in·ter·nal en·er·gy

(U, U) (in-tĕr'năl en'ĕr-jē)
Energy of a system measured by the heat absorbed from the system's surroundings and the amount of work done on the system by its surroundings.
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Secondly energy mainly targets the internal energy market, for example, the regulatory scope of the Third Energy Package.
--'In the coming period we expect implementation of the third package of the EU law on internal energy market, which is set to provide increased independence of transmission system operators, strengthen the role of the Energy Regulatory Commission and introduce specific measures towards defining the concept of vulnerable consumers and their support.
Traditional self-defense methods were utilized along with the modern sciences of physics, mechanics, and psychology, including meditation techniques using internal energy to take down an attacker without touching him.
The Hungarian government has insisted on maintaining price regulation for households and small and medium-sized companies until the internal energy market can bring sufficient competition to the market to keep end-user prices in check.
"Why are we working towards the internal energy market if it is so easy to renationalise policies by inventing capacity mechanisms that are not coordinated at the EU level," Borchardt asked.
In the other, he and his team calculated the internal energy of the corresponding lower-dimensional cosmos with no gravity and when they compared the two computer calculations they found that they matched.
Romania backs Lithuania's aspirations to complete the EU internal energy market, implement the Third Energy Package, and eliminate energy isolation of some regions.
The key priorities in the sector of energy during Lithuania's Presidency of the Council of the European Union, including the completion of the internal energy market of the EU in 2014 and strengthening the foreign dimension of the energy policies of the EU will be debated at the meeting.
Marshalling lines of force and direction, yet deploying no preordained pattern, Caro's pieces seem to he organized according to an axial symmetry that has surrendered to the strucrural laws of intersection and relationship--an internal energy that in 1963 Michael Fried memorably dubbed "syntax." Fifty years later, Fried will doubtless revisit that term in his catalogue essay for this fascinatingly far-ranging survey of sculptures, drawings, and three-dimensional paper works from the artist's nearly seven-decade-long career.
It was reported on January 24 that EC was referring Bulgaria, Estonia and the United Kingdom to the Court of Justice of the European Union for delaying and failing to fully apply the EU internal energy market rules.
For over 20 years the UK has needed a robust internal energy policy.
The total (44 trillion watts) shown in your diagram must represent only the minuscule percentage (about 0.02 percent) from internal energy sources (radioactivity, tidal, remnant gravitational energy) that cause surface effects like volcanoes and plate tectonics.