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Type Number Percent (%) Cochlear 57/313 18.2% Modiolus- 25/313 7.9% Vestibular aqueduct 44/313 14% Vestibule 68/313 21.7% Semicircular canal 72/313 23% Internal auditory canal 24/313 7.6% Vestibulocochlear nerve- 23/313 7.3% TABLE 2: Distribution of malformations.
Savastano, "Meningiomas of the internal auditory canal: two case reports," Skull Base, vol.
The tumor was removed from the internal auditory canal with preservation of the VIIth and VIIIth nerves.
The middle fossa approach can preserve hearing, but it is usually reserved for small tumors that are confined to the internal auditory canal.
In conclusion, patients with a large petrous apex cholesterol granuloma may experience extensive bone erosion involving the jugular foramen, carotid canal, and internal auditory canal. In this subset of patients, inadequate drainage and aeration of the mass puts critical structures at risk because the mass will continue to expand.
(5) Since then, many variations in the size and configuration of the cochlear and vestibular complex have been described, as well as variations in the size and shape of the internal auditory canal and the vestibular aqueduct?
Schwannomas in the internal auditory canal usually arise from the vestibular segment of the VIIIth cranial nerve.
Osteomas of the internal auditory canal are also rare, as only 12 cases have been reported in the world literature.
Compression of the facial nerve by the tumor in the superior compartment of the internal auditory canal explained the preoperative and postoperative facial paresis.
The left inner ear and internal auditory canal were normal.
His original MRI scans 5 years earlier had revealed the right-sided temporal and internal auditory canal lesions, which were 7 mm and 10 mm, respectively, in maximum dimension.
(1-4) The mastoid area is the most common site, although these neoplasms have been reported in the squama, middle ear structures, promontory, internal auditory canal, and styloid process.

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