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To cease for a time.
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For investigation of basic intermitting technologies, the experimental set-up was built with only the most essential equipment.
Repayments can be deferred until up to six months after the student has finished their studies, as long as no study gaps are taken between courses, for example taking any time-out between or during courses, deferring or intermitting any part of the course, switching from a full-term to part-time course mid-term, or discontinuing, cancelling or withdrawing from a course.
Stone reported that willow bark was a "powerful astringent and very efficacious in curing agues and intermitting disorders." (14), (15)
With discussions on-going, the preliminary hearing of the independent commission has been adjourned until next week, with the 16 lever arch files containing the aforementioned documents being read-over in the intermitting period by the commission members while an agreement over a rider amnesty will seen to be approved by WADA, USADA and UCI.
Itching is intense and continuous, with intermitting worsening.
In his Enquiry, Burke characterized "excessive loudness," "suddenness," and "intermitting" sound as productive of sublime terror: "A low, tremulous, intermitting sound [...] is productive of the sublime." Hence "some low, confused, uncertain sounds, leave us in the same fearful anxiety concerning their causes, that no light, or an uncertain light does concerning the objects that surround us" (83-84).