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To cease for a time.
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When I intermitted my cimbalom studies, I felt like I had to find something else to whip me into shape, so I kept arranging concerts and building up a repertoire.
She began her PhD at the Fine Arts School of Madrid in 1989, which she intermitted in 1994.
All ACR-approved criteria sets are expected to undergo intermitted updates." Id.
More precisely, we attempted to interpret the intermitted brain functioning in the phenomenal level, through specific irregularities of the metastable balance observed in the resting-state activity.
Torque data of the gelatinized starch with the same shear stress applied over two periods intermitted by restoration time.
They described GFP fluorescence markedly increased after culture media glucose depletion, while in an intermitted manner small quantities of ethanol were produced, phenomena also described in other investigations [29-31].
& only intermitted the time they were at dinner', while some years later, Jabach, observing the slick production line at Van Dyck's Blackfriars studio, described strictly timed individual one-hour sittings.
Fighting between Ukraine's Army and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine has largely subsided since working out a truce in September 2015, however the region continues to witness intermitted violence.
2 (Petra) -Extremely cold conditions are expected to prevail across the Kingdom on Saturday with intermitted freezing rain and snow over the hilly areas.
(14) The data after June 30, 2012 are not included because the regulation is irregularly intermitted after June 2012.