intermetacarpal joint

in·ter·met·a·car·pal joint

(in'tĕr-met'ă-kahr'păl joynt)
The synovial joints between the bases of the second, third, fourth, and fifth metacarpal bones.
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K-wire fixations were performed on one metacarpocarpal and one intermetacarpal joint in 24 (85.7%) patients, on two metacarpocarpal joints in three (10.7%) patients, and on one intermetacarpal and two metacarpocarpal joints in one (3.5%) patient.
(17) reported good clinical and functional results with two of their K-wire fixations on the intermetacarpal joint. As the treatment goal was to avoid arthrosis in the long term, the authors suggested that the meta-carpotrapezial K-wire fixation method of percutaneous pinning may cause additional damages to the articular surface.