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Endometrial cancer presents most commonly with menometrorrhagia and sometimes with intermenstrual bleeding, but rarely with regularly timed menses.
Menstrual characteristics, in terms of quantity/ duration/regularity; eventual intermenstrual bleeding/spotting; eventual increased and/or new (newly diagnosed) dysmenorrhea
The most common symptoms include intermenstrual spotting, heavy menstrual bleeding, painful cramps (dysmenorrhea), and painful intercourse (dyspareunia); women with long-term, severe endometriosis commonly are treated by hysterectomy and oophorectomy.
St John's Wort can reduce the effects of warfarin and cause intermenstrual bleeding in women taking the contraceptive pill.
St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) induces several cytochrome P450 enzymes and the transporter protein P-glycoprotein and has significant effects on a range of drugs causing reduced anticoagulation by warfarin, decreased action of cyclosporine with acute organ transplant rejections, and intermenstrual bleeding in women taking the oral contraceptive pill.
However, 13 of 17 women had intermenstrual bleeding during cycle A and 15 of 17 during cycle B, and only 6 of 1 7 during OC alone.
The proportion of women who reported increased menstrual bleeding also decreased over time-from 5% to 3%--when attrition was accounted for, but intermenstrual spotting did not change during the study period.
The early signs and symptoms mentioned by participants were: increased vaginal discharge, post-coital bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding, and post-menopausal bleeding.
Consecutive patients presenting with one or more of the following: postcoital bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding, severe discharge per-vaginum or unhealthy cervix on per-speculum examination were included, excluding frank carcinoma cases.
The researchers focused on the following menstrual problems--amenorrhoea, oligomenorhoea, intermenstrual bleeding and menorrhagia.
9) They most commonly lead to regular but heavy menstrual cycles (menorrhagia), but may also present as intermenstrual bleeding.