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With the KAMRA inlay, I experienced an almost immediate improvement in my near and intermediate vision and most importantly, my distance vision is still excellent," commented Robert Rivera, MD.
The PresbyLens[R] inlay is removable, and provides an ideally suited surgical option for near and intermediate vision enhancement.
This lens has an upside-down D-segment for near or intermediate vision in the top third of the lens and a second D-segment for near vision in the bottom third.
00D add for near vision--many patients did not want to hold reading material so close and patients also suffered from poor intermediate vision.
provides patients with an expansive intermediate vision.
My clinical experience is that this new lens allows many of my patients to read at a more comfortable distance and also improves their intermediate vision, without affecting visual disturbances or image contrast," said Jose F.
96 percent of patients could read J3 (phonebook-sized print) or better * 96 percent of patients achieved binocular intermediate vision of 20/20 or better, compared to 65% pre-operatively * All of the patients -- 100 percent -- achieved a binocular UCVA of 20/25 or better at distance * More than 90 percent achieved binocular UCVA vision to read J2-sized print or smaller * These results contributed to an enthusiastic response from patients, with 96 percent reporting being satisfied or very satisfied with their post-operative vision.
It is being studied in a multi-center trial to evaluate safety and effectiveness and the potential for near and intermediate vision without the use of spectacles in patients post cataract surgery.
In FDA clinical trials, 100 percent of crystalens patients reported good intermediate vision (26" to 32"), allowing them to maintain youthful vision and active lifestyle activities.
NYSE:ACL) announced today that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) clarified its payment rules to present Medicare beneficiaries with the choice to receive presbyopia-correcting intraocular lenses (IOLs) that provide restoration of distance, near, and intermediate vision with less dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses following cataract surgery.
In addition, 85 percent of the AcrySof(R) ReSTOR(R) IOL patients achieved functional binocular uncorrected intermediate vision (20/40 or better (J3) measured at standard 60 cm computer screen working distance) compared to 67 percent of monofocal control patients.

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