intermediate variable

in·ter·me·di·ate var·i·a·ble

a variable in a causal pathway that causes variation in the dependent variable and is itself caused to vary by the independent variable.
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The intermediate variable [N.sup.2.sub.1,j] denotes the number of vehicles when the green light period is completed, which can be calculated by (19).
Suppose [x.sub.i] = [z.sub.j-2] + [z.sub.j-1] + [z.sub.j]; it is essential to set an intermediate variable u and let [x.sub.i] = [z.sub.j-2] + [z.sub.j-1] to get x = u + [z.sub.j], so the constraints can be described as follows.
Third, creativity is considered an intermediate variable in the entrepreneurial passion-alertness relationship.
However, when conditioning on an intermediate is the result of selecting and analyzing only a subset of the original population (as is the case in our situation described below), then the exposure-outcome association may not be a valid estimate of either the total effect of the exposure on the outcome, or the portion of the effect operating through causal pathways that do not involve the intermediate variable.
In level h = 1 where no intermediate variable appears, the function has the form
Then the set of clauses Top In direct relation path coefficients achieve, by multiplying the path coefficient between an independent variable with intermediate variable and the path coefficient between intermediate variable with Dependent variable.
Split-Bregman method uses an intermediate variable to split [L.sub.1] regularization and [L.sub.2] regularization into two equations, where [L.sub.2] and [L.sub.1] regularization equation can be solved by steepest descent method and thresholding algorithm, respectively.
In these models, VSP is introduced as an intermediate variable for the ability to build the relationship between energy consumption and vehicle microscopic driving parameters (i.e., instantaneous speed and acceleration).
The adversary finds a candidate key in the following key testing step by computing the only 1 byte of intermediate variable V:
In mediation, we consider an intermediate variable, called the mediator, that helps explain how or why an independent variable influences an outcome.
The foreign exchange rate is not considered here because short-term international capital movements affect monetary policy independence through their impact on the Central Bank's control over the interest rate and money supply, whereas the foreign exchange rate acts only as an intermediate variable in the process.
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