intermediate portion

portion, intermediate 

That portion of a trifocal lens that has the correction for vision of an area situated between distance and near.
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Of bituminous road with pcc intermediate portion road from darampur namo para hari mandir to bara chowk within bara-joragora gp under manbazar ii dev.
The average diameter of the rachillas were obtained from the average of three diameters measured along the rachilla, one in the intermediate portion and the other two at the extremities.
P-47 covers the surface to 4800 feet MSL, which is why the intermediate portion of the approach keeps you at or above 5000 feet.
On the VE exposed to ketamine, we observed that the intermediate portion of the urothelium was mainly affected and the superficial layer was relatively spared.
Samples were harvested every 3 to 4 d in two different portions of the head: upper periphery and intermediate portion.
Of bituminous road including guard wall with pcc road intermediate portion from darampur upper para hari mandir to namo para hari mandir within bara joragora gp under manbazar ii dev.
An individually packaged absorbent article assembly comprising: a tri-folded absorbent article including a garment-facing surface, a body-facing surface, a first fold line, a second fold line, a first end portion, a second end portion, and an intermediate portion arranged between the first end portion and the second end portion.
The absorbent article of the present invention includes a liquid-permeable surface sheet, a liquid-permeable back sheet, an absorbent body disposed between the surface sheet and the back sheet, and an intermediate portion disposed between the surface sheet and the absorbent body.
Patented recently is an absorbent feminine care article having a longitudinal direction, a lateral direction, first and second longitudinally opposed end portions, and an intermediate portion located between the end portions.
The C-shaped sections comprise first and second ends that have different widths and are separated by an intermediate portion in which no two points along the cross-section of the wall corresponding to the intermediate portion share the same width.

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