intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma

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mantle cell lymphoma

An uncommon low-to-intermediate-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), which is a malignancy of naive B cells. It comprises ± 6% of NHL cases in the US, slightly higher in Europe. It is hard to treat and harder to cure. It is more common in men ≥ age 55.
Clinical findings
Massive splenomegaly, generalised lymphadenopathy, 1/3 present with “B” symptoms—i.e., fever, weight loss, night sweats.

Nodes, spleen, bone marrow, Waldeyer's ring, GI (lymphomatous polyposis), gallbladder. 

• Small lymphocytic lymphoma/CLL
• MALT lymphoma
• Follicular lymphoma

Prognosis MCLs are often aggressive and involve the spleen, liver, bone marrow; they are regarded as incurable. Median 2- to 5-year survival. Cases with mutations in the immunoglobulin gene have better prognosis—40% achieve complete remission with chemotherapy.
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intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma

Mantle-zone lymphoma Hematology An indolent B-cell lymphoma of older adults, related to small cell follicular lymphoma, composed of cells similar to those of WD lymphocytic lymphoma. See Lymphoma.
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