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The American Heart Association recently recommended CAC testing in individuals with intermediate heart disease risk to help determine whether they should be treated with cholesterol-lowering medications.
How to Better Manage Your Blood Thinners (July 2) Combination Therapy May Be Best for Intermediate Heart Disease Risks (Aug.
When the cognitive performance of participants was reassessed at the end of the study, results indicated that 4.6 percent of participants with the poorest heart health showed signs of cognitive impairment compared to 2.7 percent of participants with intermediate heart health and 2.6 percent of those with the best cardiovascular health.
In July this year the PCT announced an investment of several million pounds in local health services to meet the government's waiting time targets, a new alcohol treatment programme, measures to tackle childhood obesity and to clear IVF waiting lists and an expansion of Intermediate Heart Centres by investing in more scanning equipment.
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