intermediate care facility

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an agency or other site where an activity or process is carried out.
independent living f's congregate housing.
intermediate care facility (ICF) a health related facility designed to provide custodial care for individuals unable to care for themselves because of mental or physical infirmity; not considered by the government to be a medical facility, it can receive no reimbursement under Medicare, generally receiving the bulk of its financing under Medicaid. Federal regulations require that an ICF have a registered nurse as director of nursing and a licensed nurse on duty at least 8 hours a day; other staffing requirements vary from state to state.
skilled nursing facility (SNF) a type of nursing home recognized by the Medicare and Medicaid systems as meeting long term health care needs for individuals who have the potential to function independently after a limited period of care. A multidisciplinary team guides health care and rehabilitative services, including skilled nursing care.

intermediate care facility

A health care facility for individuals who are disabled, elderly, or nonacutely ill, usually providing less intensive care than that offered at a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

intermediate care facility (ICF)

a health facility that provides medically related services to persons with a variety of physical or emotional conditions requiring institutional facilities but without the degree of care provided by a hospital or skilled nursing facility. An example is an intermediate care facility for mentally retarded or other developmentally disabled persons.

intermediate care facility

Managed care A state-licensed facility that provides nursing care to those who don't require the degree of care which a hospital or skilled nursing facility provides. Cf Hospice, Nursing home, Shelter, Tertiary care center.

in·ter·me·di·ate care fa·cil·i·ty

(ICF) (in'tĕr-mē'dē-ăt kār fă-sil'i-tē)
A residential option for patients who cannot live alone and also need more supervision than in-home services offer but who do not need the level of care found in skilled nursing facilities.
See: nursing facility
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This does not include skilled nursing facility or intermediate care facility services furnished by a hospital with swing-bed approval or services in an institution for tuberculosis or mental disease.
Intermediate care facility services for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR)--These are services provided in an institution for persons with mental retardation or related conditions.
Other intermediate care facility services (ICF)--These are services provided in a facility for individuals who do not require the level of care provided in a hospital or in a skilled nursing facility, but whose physical or mental condition requires services that are above the level of room and board and can be made only through institutional facilities.
Management has reduced expenses through closure of 19 intermediate care facility (ICF) units and more efficient staffing of FTEs while increasing Medicare census.
Francis) return to increasing net patient revenue, positive utilization trends at its intermediate care facility, and an improved nursing situation.
Hodges CCC, a skilled and intermediate care facility, Wheeling Renal Care and the Howard Long Wellness Center.
6 million contract to manage Colin Anderson Center, West Virginia's largest intermediate care facility for persons with mental retardation.
2, 1994--State Veterans Affairs Director Jay Vargas announced today that a newly remodeled, 117-bed intermediate care facility will be unveiled at the Veterans Home of California, Yountville.

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