intermediate bronchus

in·ter·me·di·ate bron·chus

the portion of the right main bronchus between the upper lobar bronchus and the origin of the middle and lower lobar bronchi.
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The patient underwent bronchoscopy to confirm the diagnosis of malignancy, and the lateral wall of the intermediate bronchus of the right bronchial tree was infiltrated by multiple nodules.
Computerized tomography of the thorax obtained endobronchial polypoid lesion in the right intermediate bronchus [Figure 2].
Additionally, chest computed tomography showed stenosis of the right intermediate bronchus. The infant underwent tracheostomy to increase positive airway pressure and stabilize respiration.
A foreign body is commonly lodged in the right, especially in the right intermediate bronchus. Precipitating factors include CNS dysfunction, trauma intubation, dental procedure, and pulmonary disease [1].
The number of grids is determined using different meshes; that is, the mesh is changed from coarse to fine progressively until the calculated velocity profiles at section of right intermediate bronchus are convergent to within a prescribed tolerance (1.0%).
Figure 3: MDCT with 3D shaded surface volume rendering images showing intermediate bronchus ending blindly.
Pulmonary vein variations such as upper lobe venous drainage posterior to the intermediate bronchus [1]and a common trunk of the left pulmonary vein [2] may cause lethal complications during and after anatomical pulmonary resection.
This distribution in the lung is common for both acute and chronic presentations (32% right intermediate bronchus), 5% right middle lobe, 32% right basal bronchi, 13% left main, 18% left lower lobe bronchi (8).
Poor drainage of the middle lobe bronchus, due to its angular takeoff from the intermediate bronchus and its small luminal diameter, is also vulnerable to bronchial obstruction as a result of inflammation and mucosal edema.[10] Besides, ineffective collateral ventilation is another major factor in the pathophysiology of the middle lobe atelectasis.[11-12] In case of silicosis, both external compression by lymphadenopathy and endobronchial obstruction may contribute to RML atelectasis.
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