interstitial lamella

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 [lah-mel´ah] (L.)
1. a thin scale or plate, as of bone.
2. a medicated disk or wafer to be inserted under the eyelid. adj., adj lamel´lar.
circumferential lamella one of the bony plates that underlie the periosteum and endosteum.
concentric lamella haversian lamella.
endosteal lamella one of the bony plates lying beneath the endosteum.
ground lamella interstitial lamella.
haversian lamella one of the concentric bony plates surrounding a haversian canal.
intermediate lamella (interstitial lamella) one of the bony plates that fill in between the haversian systems.
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in·ter·sti·tial la·mel·la

one of the lamellae of partially resorbed osteons occurring between newer, complete osteons.
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in·ter·sti·tial la·mel·la

(in'tĕr-stish'ăl lă-mel'ă)
One of the lamellae of partially resorbed osteons occurring between newer, complete osteons.
Synonym(s): ground lamella.
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