intermaxillary elastics

in·ter·max·il·lar·y e·las·tics

(intĕr-maksi-lar-ē ĕ-lastiks)
Elastic bands used to provide pulling forces between maxillary and mandibular teeth to move teeth into correct position.
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Although several studies have been published on the effects of either SARME, RME, or SARME-aided maxillary protraction with face masks or temporary anchorage devices for use of intermaxillary elastics (13-16), to the best of our knowledge, no study has been published evaluating the use of intermaxillary Class III elastics simultaneously with SARME in adult patients to facilitate maxillary advancement.
The patients were then initiated to fixed appliance treatment, and intermaxillary elastics (150 g force) were continued to be applied between the maxillary molar-premolar teeth and the miniscrews.
However, the use of extraoral and intermaxillary elastics may not control the differential horizontal movement since the patient's collaboration is required [9].
Intermaxillary elastics for two weeks were given, which reduced the number of malocclusion (Grade 2) to only one patient at 12 weeks.
Pendulum does not require intermaxillary elastics for anchorage support, as required in the Wilson distalizing system.
Use intermaxillary elastics until the upper posterior teeth are in anterior position balance with the lowers.
Mostly, intermaxillary elastics with fixed appliances have been used for this purpose (1).
Frequently, the treatment plan includes extractions, and the use of intermaxillary elastics. This, however, has no impact on the facial esthetics, since the skeletal problem remains uncorrected [13, 16, 17].
Usually conventional mechanism for orthodontic anchorage control can be either extraoral or intraoral that is headgear or intermaxillary elastics. Their use is combined with various side effects such as tipping of occlusal plane or undesirable movements of teeth.
Dental predictions were inaccurate in both methods due to the effects of intermaxillary elastics.