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In-car breathalyzers--or ignition interlocks--have stopped more than 1,770,000 would-be drunk drivers across the country since states first passed ignition interlock laws, according to a Mothers Against Drunk Driving report.
And some states allow judicial discretion in requiring interlocks. The length of time a device must be in a vehicle varies from three months to two years.
wrote about interlocks at length, calling them "the root of many
I did find that interlocks limited the number of voices in the conversations at the highest levels of corporate and nonprofit life.
MD Series and HD Series ranges include mechanical and electromechanical bolt, access, transfer and valve interlocks, along with a full range of accessories to form a comprehensive interlocking scheme.--Kirk Key, 234/209 9301;
Mechanical interlocks perfectly fit within the common philosophy that process control systems and safety systems should always be separated.
Because of this, handwheel operated interlocks need to be able to 'count' the number of handwheel turns in order to release keys in the required open and/or closed positions.
This article describes how new electronic health technologies are being applied or can be applied to enhance the use of vehicle interlocks and achieve the goals listed above.
But statistics show that in 2011 only about 35 percent of offenders installed the interlock devices as required to regain their driving rights, Anne Pratt, a spokeswoman for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, said Monday.
For this group, only one session was conducted in phase 1 (B--metacontingencies) (see Figure 2), and the group performed only 10 interlocks during the 30 cycles of the session.
It will now become a part of the UK companya[euro](tm)s safety interlock operations within the industrial safety reporting sector.Country: , USASector: Consumer ProductsTarget: Kirk Key Interlock Company LLCBuyer: Halma plcVendor: Owens Holdings LLC, Certain private individualsDeal size in USD: 14.7mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & Debt, Existing resourcesStatus: Closed