interlobular arteries

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in·ter·lob·u·lar ar·ter·ies

arteries that pass between lobules of an organ. See: interlobular arteries of liver, cortical radiate arteries.
Synonym(s): arteriae interlobulares [TA]

in·ter·lob·u·lar ar·te·ries

(in'tĕr-lob'yū-lăr ahr'tĕr-ēz) [TA]
Arteries that pass between lobules of an organ.
Synonym(s): arteriae interlobulares [TA] .
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At the junction of hepatic lobule, the portal area of the interlobular connective tissue was observed, and could be further divided into an interlobular vein, the interlobular arteries, and interlobular bile duct (Fig.
The vascular form of renal amyloidosis was considered when amyloid deposits were found predominantly on those vessels bigger than the afferent arteriole or interlobular arteries.
The interlobular arteries gave off several arteriolar branches, some of which ran close and parallel to the limiting plates (periportal arterioles).