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A cytokine derived from T cells that stimulates T cell proliferation and NK cell activation.
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A gene on chromosome 4q31 that encodes interleukin-15, a cytokine which regulates T and natural killer cell activation and proliferation. IL15 shares many biological activities with IL-2: they both bind common haematopoietin receptor subunits and may compete for the same receptor, thus having a ying-yang relationship with each other. IL15 activates JAK kinases, as well as the phosphorylation and activation of transcription activators STAT3, STAT5 and STAT6.
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A cytokine derived from T cells that stimulates T-cell proliferation and natural killer cell activation.
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These signals may be critical for several aspects of NK cell biology including development, peripheral homeostasis, and /or activa-tion.10 IL-15 inhibits apoptosis of lymphocytes and hepatocytes induced by cytokine deprivation, anti-Fas, anti-CD3, dexamethasone, or anti-IgM.2 There is in-creasing evidence that IL-15 may play an important role in protective immune response, allograft rejection and pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases, where mono-nuclear cells infiltration is a hallmark feature.13 Interleukin-15 (IL-15) has pivotal roles in the control of the life and death of lymphocytes.
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