interim prosthesis

pro·vi·sion·al pros·the·sis

(prŏ-vizh'ŭn-ăl pros-thē'sis)
Interim dental prosthesis worn for varying periods of time.
Synonym(s): interim prosthesis.
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It is a perfect example of gradual transition from natural, to tooth supported interim prosthesis, to implant supported dentition, hence avoiding the period of edentulism and is therefore worth reporting.
Third Stage: Full mouth dental clearance and interim prosthesis
Pound recommended the use of an interim prosthesis to assist the partially dentate patient in the transition to edentulism.
Although the treatment of interim prosthesis was completed when the patient was 15 years old, further evaluation will be required in the future to consider a permanent prosthesis.
Of note, the removable interim prosthesis is frequently used in this phase and has been named the "learning prosthesis" because it not only aids the HED child shift primary deglutition to normal mastication and swallowing but also helps them learn to deal with the oral challenge [5].
An interim prosthesis was fabricated to facilitate healing of the lesion.
The foot is intended for use as a permanent option or as an interim prosthesis for the shower, swimming or for post-operative use."
After 2 weeks, petrolatum jelly gauze is used to pack the nasal portion of the defect and to block out the other under cuts, to prevent any impression material extending in to the nasal cavity, impression was made and light weight interim prosthesis was fabricated (Figure 5).
The patient was comfortable with esthetic and function provided by the interim prosthesis.

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