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Between globules.
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(ĭn″tĕr-glŏb′ū-lăr) [″ + globulus, globule]
Between globules.
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Clefts of various sizes, interglobular dentin, focally-widened predentin zones, and decreased number of dentinal tubules are prominent features of the affected dentin.44,65
Pulpal inclusions and much interglobular dentin are also frequent.
Histological studies have shown changes in interglobular dentine and dentinal tubules with pulpal obliteration that could be related to an odontoblast dysfunction [Majorana et al., 2010].
A highlight is the cavorting cockerel and his hens, and there's a delightful line about interglobular cosmography, but the rhyming couplets that dominate the evening in this Phil Woods-Michael Bogdanov adaptation badly need to have their scansion sorted.
[2007], no morphological changes in the dentine were found by polarized light microscopy except for the presence of interglobular dentine under the affected enamel.
The dentine showed unusual prominent contour lines of Owen and areas of interglobular dentine.

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