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Between the unfused halves of the frontal bone; denoting a persistent suture there present. (anomalous)
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Setae and setulae on head black; ocellar triangle with 2 long ocellar setae and 3 short setae; frons with 3 orbital and 2 frontal setae on brown orbital stripe without microtomentum, orbital setae lateroclinate and frontal setae medioclinate, 3 interfrontal setae; post-ocellar setae cruciate.
Character Irenomys Euneomys Neotomys Tail length >HBL <HBL <HBL Palate topography flat, ridged, ridged, uncomplicated foraminated foraminated Premaxillo-maxillary dorso-ventrally sharply sharply suture oriented angled angled Spinous process on absent absent present zygomatic plate Interfrontal present absent present fontanelles Alisphenoid strut present present (a) absent Facial circulation complete complete incomplete Caecum complex single single Cornified stomach extensive extensive reduced epithelium 2n (FN) 64 (98) (b) 34-36-42 70 (68) (d) (62 to 66) (c) (a) Contrary to the condition noted by Steppan (1995:40), we recorded the alisphenoid strut in Euneomys as present and bony.
A partial anterior septectomy was performed and extended superiorly to the interfrontal sinus septum that had been eroded by tumor.
It unquestionably belongs to the calyptrate family Anthomyiidae because of the following combination of characters: (1) head holoptic in male, dichoptic in female; (2) female with a pair of crossed interfrontal setae; (3) lower calypter well developed; (4) tiny hair-like setulae present beneath tip of scutellum; (5) vein A1 extended to wing margin as a weak fold; (6) male surstyli and cerci united by vertical sclerotized connections immediately distal to lateral cercal apodemes; (7) spiracles VI and VII present in female abdomen.
The wild type interfrontal sutures had some TGF-B2 immuno-positive fibroblasts at 15 d, which disappeared at 30 d.
d) Cranial height (Hcr): Distance between the central points of the dorsal rim of the foramen magnum to the point of the origin of interfrontal suture.
Setae and setulae on head black; ocellar triangle with 2 ocellar setae and 3 short setae; frons with 2 orbital and 2 frontal setae, orbital setae lateroclinate and frontal setae medioclinate, 4 interfrontal setae; postocellar setae cruciate.
Frons without M-shaped mark, sagittal interfrontal stripe bright yellow, other frontal parts reddish yellow, less shiny, orbitalia and interfrontal lines silvery, occiput dark with silvery tomentum.
The frontoparietal suture is open while the interfrontal suture is narrow and appears slightly constricted between the horn-cores.
edax based on several characters: interfrontal fontanelles; deep zygomatic plate with anterior border slightly concave and anterodorsal corner projecting as a short spine; mandible robust with coronoid process higher than the articular condyle; anterior margin of masseteric crest extending to the level of protoconid m1; molars large, prismatic and flat crowned, with penetrating flexi and flexids (Figs.