Etymology: L, inter + ferire, to strike
any chemical or physical phenomenon that can interfere with or disrupt a reaction or process.

Patient discussion about interferent

Q. Does omega-3 interfere with diabetes treatment? I’m a 55 years old man, and was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, along with high lipid levels several years ago. A couple of months ago I read that omega-3 can protect your heart and brain, so I started to take omega-3 pills every day. Yesterday I read in some website that omega-3 can interfere with the drugs I take to treat my diabetes- Is that right?

A. Omega-3 doesn’t influence the treatment of your diabetes, and since you have high lipids, that can contribute to some of the damage diabetes does to your body, omega-3, that may lower the lipid level in your may actually help you treat yourself overall better. However - consult your doctor. Better be safe than sorry...

Q. Will my bipolar meds (lamictal and depakote) interfere with my birth control pills? We have been married for the past 12 yrs but we don’t have a child because I am paranoid of delivery. But it doesn’t affect our intimacy. I am using birth control pills for the past few years and I could rely on it. Now the new problem is that I was recently diagnosed as bipolar-II. The Doctor prescribed some medicines for me. Will my bipolar meds (Lamictal and Depakote) interfere with my birth control pills?

A. there are interactions, birth control pills can reduce the amount of Lamictal in the blood, causing it to be less affective. the drug level in plasma should be monitored. ask both your therapists about it- your gynecologist and the psychiatrist.

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Comme aucune solution politique ne se dessine depuis, [beaucoup moins que] toute tentative de partition de la Libye sera catastrophique d'abord pour la Libye, elle-meme, puis pour ses voisins immediats [beaucoup plus grand que], a mis en garde recemment le president tunisien, Caid Essebsi, precisant que [beaucoup moins que] differentes parties y interferent, chacune avec son propre agenda [beaucoup plus grand que].
SRC Acumen's assays are unique in their ability to provide near real-time, interferent resistant, one-step identification of pathogens and toxins.
Les tableaux de Tabal sont riches d'images qui interferent les unes avec les autres, la pupille d'un oeil peut etre la tete d'une figurine ou d'un oiseau, un corps peut contenir un grand volatile qui a son tour en contient un autre, les mains sont remplacees par des quadrupedes aux jambes en l'air, les narines suggerees par deux hommes se faisant face et ainsi de suite de facon differente a chaque fois.
L'incoherence correspond aux situations pour lesquelles les dimensions prises deux a deux interferent l'une avec l'autre, se contredisent, ou lorsqu'une composante ne permet pas de rendre l'autre efficace.
Hemolysis has been considered a significant interferent for this assay.
On tente d'expliquer ces phenomenes par la presence de perturbateurs endocriniens environnementaux (PEE), definis comme des « substances exogenes qui interferent avec la synthese, le transport, la liaison, l'action ou l'elimination des hormones endogenes responsables du maintien de l'homeostasie, de la reproduction, du developpement et/ou du comportement »[sup.
faut-il considerer ces services qui interferent avec la sphere privee des usagers comme des services s'exercant par nature au domicile des consommateurs ou envisager plusieurs modes de conception et de fonctionnement, y compris ceux qui integrent l'usager comme veritable partie prenante du service en tant que citoyen ?
The investments to build this facility assays have been developed in order to screen the "FDA approved" Prestwick Chemical library and a subset of the in house designed siRNA (small interferent RNA) library.
The subarray peaks for each element were examined to ensure that they were interferent free and the correct background points were employed (Figure 2).
I've written elsewhere, in an essay on Geraldine Monk, about the pun as a kind of drone, "in which the interferent cross-reverberation of two meanings creates a kind of beating effect": this mineral wound would therefore be just such a pun.
16) Since lupus anti coagulant may be a potential interferent in the modified assay, patients with lupus anticoagulant should be evaluated for the factor V Leiden mutation by genetic testing.