interference microscope

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in·ter·fer·ence mi·cro·scope

a specially constructed microscope in which the entering light is split into two beams that pass through the specimen and are recombined in the image plane where the interference effects make the transparent (invisible) refractile object details become visible as intensity differences; permits measurements of light retardation, index of refraction, and thickness and mass of specimen; it is useful in the examination of living or unstained cells.
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Some interference microscopes may include a means of vertically scanning the light source.
Error of measuring the optical path difference (Z[lambda]/b) using the interference microscope should be taken into account and falls within the range of [+ or -]0.001 to [+ or -]0.003 (15).
To study the drawability or maximum possible draw ratio ([DR.sub.max]) of the as-spun iPP libers of different DDR, the Pluta interference microscope and the drawing part of the OTM device were used.
Refractive indices parallel and perpendicular to the fiber axis ([n.sub.[parallel]] and [n.sub.[perpendicular]]) were measured using an interference microscope (Carl Zeiss Jena) with a polarizing filter.
Refractive indices parallel and perpendicular to the fiber axis ([n.sub.[parallel]] and [n.sub.[perpendicular]]) measured using an interference microscope, and birefringence calculated from these two refractive indices were plotted against the take-up velocity in Fig.